business divisions

IT Distribution

Tssc’s hardware IT Distribution business unit has become a well renowned name amongst IT vendors in the Middle East, CIS, Africa, Far East & Europe. This division is committed to the innovative trade of IT Hardware components and personal computing devices amongst International commerce channel and B2B solutions. We carry a comprehensive line-up of PC components & ICT devices that makes us versatile and feasible for most of our clients.
Tssc has made strategic partnerships with International vendors including Advanced Micro Devices – (AMD), Intel, Kingston, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital – (WD).
We build long term relationships with the World’s leading vendors. We have an experienced management team with dedicated associates to major product category, market segment & new technology.

Telecom Distribution

Tssc has made a diversification and expanded into enabling swift and effective distribution of product categories like smartphones & wearable’s. This business unit is a specialized division formed to understand the dynamic nature of mobility and aims to push smart technology into people’s hands.
Tssc works with renowned brands from across the industry to meet the needs of the smartphone industry.

Stainless Steel Stockist & Distribution

Tssc’s newest expansion has been in the Stainless Steel long products. We distribute a wide variety of steels, ranging from stainless and highly corrosion- resistant grades through to heat – resistant grades, we cover products of all dimensions and shapes.
At Tssc you will find stainless steel bars, hollow bars, flat bars, square bars, rectangle and oval bars. Pipes, angles, sections and sheets are also part of our extensive range.